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Project Description
BD Simple Status is a straight-forward server up/down indication website.

As with most of my projects they are born out of necessity; BD Simple Status is certainly no different.
In the company I work for there are many users who pattern test web-based surveys. Much of this testing is done on individual servers in a farm to double check the there are no code differences between servers. One server being down or out of the farm may cause excessive support calls for IT which I just wanted to avoid all together. I need a single web page which accurately displays the current status of machines.

I spent much time looking around at different projects, many which are really nice software application, though just about all of them missed a status page which didn't require a user login to access. I think I ran into one or two, but the prices of those products were way out of my price range (>$5,000).

So I put together BD Simple Status a straight forward ASP.NET MVC3 (and .NET 4.0) web-based application which will allow users to see the current status of servers and other systems. BDSS checks systems by using an ICMP Ping and/or HTTP TCP HEAD request. Checks are done on a schedule, so servers are not accesses with every page load. This also speeds up the status page.

  • Single-page quick view of all monitored server's status
  • Check servers using ICMP Ping and/or TCP port 80 Connection
  • Uses SQL Compact Edition (SQLCE) 4.0, no external databases needed
  • Task Parallel Library (TPL) used for status checks and background workers
  • Screen Shots

.NET 4
see download page for more details

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